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Chad Klaus, VP of University Services is the Campus Mobility Framework project sponsor. The Working Group manages the project and the Transportation Advisory Council helps steer the work and acts ambassadors to the larger campus community.

Transportation Advisory Council

The Mobility Framework will redesign the TigerTransit network to create TigerTransit 2.0 and improve the biking and walking experience on campus. A large group of students, staff, and faculty have given their time and expertise as part of the Transportation Advisory Council (TAC).

Princeton Team 01/08/2019
TAC Workshop

We kicked off the project in November of 2019 with a workshop to learn the basics of designing a transit network and explore ideas that can make walking and walking 'irresistible.'

The consultant team guided the TAC through a transit planning exercise where groups designed a bus network for 'Ivy University', a make-believe campus. What's the best way to provide transportation to a campus? Is it frequent service to the densest areas, or spreading out buses to make sure every building has some service even if it means the buses come only once an hour?

Scroll below to look at photos from the workshop, and to access the workshop presentation slides.

Workshop1 Cover.png
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